Flood Recovery Pumps Ready for Shipment

Posted on Monday, September 18, 2017

Precision Pump Systems wishes to send our sincerest heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Our staff has many connections to these tragedies; some of which are very personal and hit close to home!  It’s bad enough someone has to experience these events firsthand, but another is to not have any means by which to mitigate the aftermath…that’s where we come in.

The PPS offices and warehouses were very fortunate not to have experienced any flooding.  Even before the waters receded, PPS personnel were hard at work arranging for additional inventory and scheduling service calls for our valued customers.  Water and wastewater treatment plants were inundated with several feet of water to the point where even they had to be rescued by first responders.  Immediately, PPS added over 300% more pump inventory just for flood relief and emergency water evacuation conditions.

  • Gorman-Rupp Skid-mounted Prime-Aire Diesel Driven Self-priming Emergency Flood Water Pumps
  • Sulzer ABS Large -volume Electric Submersible Sanitary & Stormwater Evacuation Pumps for Municipal and Commerical Lift Stations
  • Goulds Drinking and Potable Water Booster Systems for MUD Districts and Housing

The list continues on and on, but our sole intent, “Never leave our customers without a complete remedy for their bad situation.”  If you have a high water or wastewater level with no means to move it, give us a call we can set something up same day.